Nokia 5700 Red Vs Sony Ericsson W850i – How Do You Like Your Music Served?

The mobile phone market is one arena that is always bustling with energy. Mobile phones by various manufacturers make their way to this arena to showcase their special abilities for phone patrons across the globe. One particular show that has gained enough momentum for a spectacular success is the exhibition of music phones, and two of the leading gladiators in this category are Nokia and Sony Ericsson. These leading contenders have forwarded two of their most trusted warriors in the form of the Nokia 5700 Red and the Sony Ericsson W850i to battle it out for skill based dominance.

The Nokia 5700 Red XpressMusic phone is a pretty and petite 3G phone with a red colored main section with a twist action keypad for optimum user flexibility. The phone has a 2.2 Inch QVGA color screen that supports a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, and provides a complimenting platform to the pictures clicked by its 2.0 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom, flash, and twist access restricted camera keys. The main attraction of the Nokia 5700 Red is its music player, which delivers high fidelity music in MP3, AAC, AAC +, Enhanced AAC +, and WMA formats flanked by some impressive features like Hi-Fi stereo sound, 5 band equalizer, stereo widening, loudness control, and balance control. Moreover, the Nokia audio manager and the Windows Media Player exist in the phone to further enhance its musical prowess.

The Sony Ericsson W850i is one of those few phones that instantly make an impact in the minds of the onlookers with the least amount of effort. This 3G slider phone has been crafted in a very sporty getup, and possesses a 2 Inch TFT color screen that supports a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This awesome piece of a mini jukebox flaunts a Walkman 2.0 Music Player that releases smooth musical energies in MP3 and AAC formats, aided by some enhancing features like Music DJ, Track ID, Mega Bass, and Play Now. The Tri Band phone also possesses an FM radio and an FM radio RDS to boost its entertainment providing ability.


Free Monophonic Ringtones

Cell phones are used for communication. But more and more, personalized services and the entertainment quotient involved with cell phones has grown in importance. As a result, ringtones have been revolutionized. The original one tone ringer was the first step towards polyphonic tones, but that ringer, and others like it, was known as a monophonic ringtone. Some of the first cell phones came equipped with a one-tone ringer.

Monophonic is the simplest of ringtone technology that uses a MIDI format. This one note wonder changed ringtones and no more you would hear simple chirps and chimes, but rather, you could play a popular song. A single note playing a song resembles a monophonic ringtone sound. You can recognize your favorite song, but it sounds a little off, because there is not that much control with a single tone format.

But still many users do use the monophonic ringtones. With the ease with which you can download ringtones from the Internet, many portals today provide free monophonic tones. The most popular among these are songs, typical instrumental tones, or even composed monophonic tones. Also, the size of a monophonic ringtone is small and if you convert it into MP3 then it becomes even smaller, and what is known as a microtone. Many monophonic tones are still popular because most of the older models of handsets keep circulating among users who do not crave all the latest features of more expensive modern phones. As these handsets support only monophonic tones, it's still not the end of the road for monophonic ringtones. Moreover, with newer ways of composing simple tones, free downloads of monophonic tones will not end any time soon.


Reasons to Not Have a Cellphone

I am hoping this will be a thought-provoking treatise on why I live in a cellphone-free household. Interestingly, when I did a Google search for “stats on cellphone free households Canada”, all that came up were articles on how the majority of Canadian households have cellphones and not landlines… not exactly what I was after. If I was to throw out a rough guesstimate of how many Canadian households are cellphone-free, I would say 10-15% and that would probably be higher than the actual number.

To give you a sense of how bizarre it seems to most people when my husband and I tell them neither of us owns a cellphone, most people are left speechless and cannot even begin to comprehend how on earth, in this cellphone-based culture, we can survive without at least ONE between the two of us. After three people in one day incredulously asked me how on earth I get by without a cellphone, I became inspired to write an article on the topic. I figured that some of you, my devoted dear readers, may find my reasoning somewhat interesting and worth pondering.

I want to start off by saying that even though I choose to not have a cellphone, I don’t go around preaching to others piously about being cellphone free. Most of the time (to be completely honest which I do my best to be as much of the time as I can), I am not judging people on cellphones. In my own case, just because I don’t have a cellphone, that doesn’t preclude me from being addicted to technology; constantly scouring parts of the city I live in for free Wi-Fi so I can check my e-mail… I admit to doing this constantly- except on Saturday when I force myself to take one day off from checking email and I have to say, those days are very difficult to get through because I am so addicted to email!

And while I get really annoyed when someone’s cellphone rings during a yoga class, or I overhear an entire conversation because someone has decided to put their conversation on speakerphone at the grocery store, I still understand the arguments people make to justify cellphone use such as:

• They are useful for staying connected with teenaged children and to provide some level of safety to these young adults

• They need to be available because they have a loved one who is very ill

• Any type of doctor who needs to be contacted to perform emergency surgery

• Midwives- for being able to spring into action when a baby is about to say hello to the world

• Someone undergoing a serious job search who wants to pick up the phone the instant it could be a potential employer calling to inform them that they got a job

• Someone in recovery from an addiction who needs to get a hold of their sponsor the minute they find themselves looking for booze, drugs, or cupcakes.

At the same time, for those of you who grew up in the age without cellphones, I feel a reminder is in order:


Teenagers somehow survived by having to use a payphone to call parents for an update on their whereabouts

We dealt with very ill loved ones despite not having a cellphone and did our best to be there when needed

I believe doctors required to perform emergency surgery had this odd device called a “pager” which alerted them to get their butt to the hospital ASAP when they were needed

Women throughout the centuries somehow managed to give birth whether they could get a hold of their midwife in time… and not to insult midwives, but if we’re totally honest, many women didn’t/don’t have the option of entertaining a midwife in the first place

For the serious job searcher- we used to have these clunky odd machines with things called cassette tapes in them called ‘answering machines’- yes young ones, listen up- we used to have a machine at home which would record the voices of people who were trying to reach us when we weren’t home and it kindly shared those messages with us upon our return when we pushed a button that said “calls” on it- prehistoric and weird I know!

And lastly, for the addict who had the strong impulse to “use” whatever substance of choice they felt they needed, they usually had the option of going to a free 12-step meeting to get the support they needed or could borrow a phone or use a payphone in an emergency. I remember a time when I was a young gal in the big city- we had these mini glass-encased rooms all over the place with big telephones in them! They were easily accessible, kept you out of the freezing cold, and with a coin or two, you could phone anyone you wanted within seconds. Anyone seen a good old-fashioned phone booth lately in your neighbourhood? I bet the stock in phone booth production is at an all-time low these days.

Digitally-Savvy and Cellphone Free

Before I list off what I believe are very sound reasons to remain cellphone free, I feel the need to confess once again that just because I don’t have a cellphone, that doesn’t mean I’m not obsessed with technology and being wirelessly connected much of the time. In fact, I own and use FOUR separate technological devices to work on, communicate, and stay connected on a daily basis. I am a huge Apple fan so all of my devices are Apple-based and include: an iMac computer (for office), a MacBook Pro laptop (when I’m travelling and working), an iPad Air (for playing with in the evenings- mostly watching silly videos and doing online shopping), and my “trick cellphone”- an iPod- which looks almost identical to an iPhone but is everything but a telephone! However, if I want to call anyone, I can easily use Skype or FaceTime on ANY of these devices within seconds.

So, as you can see, I’m pretty digitally wired. I just choose to NOT have a fifth device which would be a cellphone. My hubby is in the same boat and happens to be a website designer. He’s incredibly tech-savvy without having a cellphone glued to his hip at all times. I also confess that due to age, we are a bit ‘old school’ when it comes to telephones- we both prefer landlines and consider them true phones. Between the two of us, we have three separate landlines- one for each of our businesses, and a home line.

Top Two Reasons for Not Owning a Cellphone

Reason #1: They are incredibly expensive and I can’t justify paying that much money for something I believe I don’t need or want

Most people I know who use cellphones are paying roughly $100 a month for the privilege. You know where I put that $100? Towards a delicious one-hour organic facial every month. To me, that’s money well-spent!

Reason #2: People could get a hold of me at any time; all of the time

Most people that know me well roll their eyes when I point this out at a dinner party because they know what I’m referring to- I, unlike the majority of people I have ever met, don’t like to be constantly accessible. I’m sure you’ll now agree that I made a good choice by not becoming a mother. I am acutely aware that parenting necessitates one being highly accessible almost all of the time and to my sisters out there with kids- I take my hat off to you for doing that! Yes, I admit it- I am a big defender of my right to be a private person- in fact, it is one of the markers of being a Highly Sensitive Person and I believe I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.

Don’t get me wrong- I love and enjoy the company of others- just not 24/7. Like all HSP’s, I need a lot of alone-time to recharge my batteries and that means having the capacity to be a hermit in bite-sized pieces throughout the day. Same goes for my beloved hubby- we both habitually retreat several times a day- even from being with each other- to rest, reflect, and regain our energy.

Even without a cellphone, I am very easy to reach and I respond to phone messages and emails in a timely manner. And I’ve dealt with several family emergencies very well without owning a cellphone.


Eco-Friendly Electric Bicycles

An electric bicycle is a standard bicycle with a motor attached to the pedals and powered by a battery. Many people are considering alternative forms of transportation due to stress on finances and concerns about the environment. The ebike is quickly replacing the automobile in many countries due to the need to conserve fuel and improve the environment. There is no need for a driver's license, insurance and registration in most locations. Before operating an ebike, check with local officials to be sure.

Because the electric bike is powered by a battery, there are no poisonous gases released into the air and few fragments from tires littering the roadways. The battery can be a lithium ion battery which is friendly to the environment and uses very little electricity to recharge. The average life is 2 to 3 years with 300 charges which will power the electric bicycle for about 10,000 miles. In the total time and distance an electric bicycle travels 500 miles; it saves 25 gallons of gasoline. The battery can last longer when only used for climbing hills and when the trip is too long for the exhausted cyclist.

The commuter can save time and money by commuting to work and riding stress-free by traffic jams and yet arrive to work without needing a shower due to the power provided to the pedals. Maximum speed allowed in most locations is 20 miles per hour on a flat surface, but with the time saved stranded in traffic, the cyclist can arrive to work before those choosing to drive.

Other countries such as the overpopulated China are turning to electric bicycles which are far outselling automobiles. Automobile sales totaled 9.4 million while electric bikes pedaled off the shelves to the rate of 21 million last year. China has four times as many eco-friendly ebikes as cars. There has been a great deal of improvement in the air quality since the advent of the eco-friendly electric bicycle which has also improved the economy of the country. The Chinese government has taken notice and offered support and encouragement for these forms of alternative transportation.

The Philippines is another highly profiled country in support of ebikes. Government officials are promoting the sale of the eco-friendly electric bicycle by purchasing them and using them. The Philippines also has a huge pollution problem due to the population explosion there. The electric bicycle is the perfect solution since it does not burn gasoline to further pollute the air with noxious fumes and noise.

It is predicted that more and more people the world over will discover the advantages of the electric bike and save money and the air quality of the world.


GSM Mobile Phones

Global System for Mobile Communication or in short GSM is a recent enhancement in the mobile technology. GSM enabled mobile phones have a tiny chip and it is called as "SIM" card and it has been designed manually. This SIM card has the potential to store a phone number and this number will be assigned by the service provider. It also contains other information like phone book and also some other information regarding the registration. There are various frequency bands used to operate the new GSM feature.

Frequencies of GSM

There are different frequency bands such as 900 MHz, 1800 MHz etc etc used in GSM mobiles. Different frequency bands have been used in different countries. The service providers of this GSM feature also varies from country to country. The main thing to be considered while you choose a handset in this regard is the ability to support the frequency band of the service provider.

If your GSM enabled phone has the ability to work with any of the GSM service provider, it is said to be an 'unlocked GSM phone' with the support of the frequency band of the phone. But it has to get the support of the frequency band of your handset. But in practice, every GSM phones has been locked with a particular service. In such cases you could not get the service of other providers. There are two frequency bands are used often. They are:

o Tri-band

This type of band includes frequencies such as 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. You can use this tri-band frequency all around the world especially in the North America.

o Quad Band

This type of band has the stuff to cover all kind of bands from 850 to 1900 MHz. The quad band handsets have the capability to work with all kind of GSM service providers.

A faster GSM wireless service is EDGE. EDGE is enhanced Data GSM Environment. This network can deliver data up to 384 kbps speed and it is based on the GSM standard and uses TDMA.


The Blackberry 8520 Purple – A Closer Look

The Blackberry 8520 Purple underlines Blackberries attempts to make their handsets appeal to a broader spectrum of consumers.

For a long time, the word Blackberry has been synonymous with phones with excellent connectivity options, and this is still the case with the 8520 Purple despite the downscaling. The most attractive example of this is the inclusion of WIFI on the phone, enabling the user instant connection to the internet as long as they are in a WIFI hotspot or connected to a router. Although not offering a 3G facility, the WIFI inclusion goes some way to compensate for this. Bluetooth is also catered for as you would expect as is a micro USB port.

When it comes to using the internet, the Blackberry handles the task very well. Navigation is achieved via the new touch sensitive trackpad. The trackball which was included on many of this handsets preceders was not without fault, mainly that sometimes it did not respond. This new Trackball is a welcomed upgrade and looks to work very well. Blackberries own internet browser interface is installed on the phone to make navigation easy. Also pre installed is the Blackberry App World, offering the user access to a whole range of various applications.

The Blackberry 8520 Purple does impress with its battery life. The supplied Lithium ion battery offers up to 17 days in standby and 4.5 hours of talktime. A 3.5mm headphone jack is also a welcome addition on the handset, allowing the user to use their own choice of headphone when listening to their audio files. On the subject of music, the Blackberrys media player as ever works very well. A range of audio formats including MP3, AAC and WMA. On top of the phone you will find 3 dedicated music buttons, designed to make using the phone as an audio player an intimate pleasant and easy experience. Video playback is also supported with MPEG4 and WMV files catered for.

The 2.46 "screen displays characters very clearly thanks to its 320 x 240 resolution, despite being this lower than the 480 x 360 that the 8900 featured. half. This keypad is what links many Blackberry users to the device due to the ease of composing messages.

The Blackberry 8520 Purple features everything you would expect of such a handset, great connectivity, easy to use keypad and stylish looks. This phone will appeal to the average phone user who wants just a little bit more from their handset, and at an attractive price.


Sony Ericsson T707

The Sony Ericsson T707 does not like to live it's life hiding in the shadows!

With it's vibrant colors Lucid Blue, Spring Rose & Mysterious Black, the T707 will capture the attention of anyone – guaranteed. Dazzling and pulsating lights flash and flicker to your favorite tunes and to incoming calls from your mates.

This all sounds quite funky and exciting but is the T707 just a cheap gimmicky phone or does it have some difference hidden benefit the glittery coating? Well the answer to that is an emphatic yes – it really is a very nice phone to use and play with. It's pretty light at just 95g and measures just 93 x 50 x 14.1 mm so it'll pop into your pocket, purse or handbag without weighing you down. It's also a quad band and 3G enabled phone so you can use it pretty much the world-over without compromise.

The 2.2 "display is not going to set the world alight with it's size or quality but it's certainly not the worst that you'll find either.

Memory on most half decent mobile phones is now expandable, so it's no surprise to find that the T707 can be safely "upped" to 16Gb via the microSD slot which is about the industry standard at the moment and certainly enough for most users.

The camera is a little disappointing at just 3.2Mp – 5 megapixels would have been better we think but hey, who are we to moan? It has digital zoom, geo-tagging, picture and video blogging and quite a few other camera features that should produce some pretty good results – but not the best.

Some nice features include gesture control. You can control your T707 without even having to touch it. Gesture control lets you mute incoming calls or you can snooze the alarm simply by sweeping your hand over it – How cool is that?

As with most phones now, you can have set themes but with the T707 you have "day and night". The Day and Night theme alters the menu in your phone and changes as day turns to night.

The Sony Ericsson T707 is a full on multimedia phone that certainly will not disappoint you. It's not the most powerful phone in the world but going by the price, it should sell in some pretty impressive quantities!


12 Months Free Line Rental – Communication Becomes Cost-Effective!

A mobile phone today abuzz with opportunities. And when the last decade showcases the maximum growth in mobile phone usage, it is obvious that the opportunities on offer have seen through to every segments of the society. The inexorable will of several mobile manufacturers and network service providers to offer maximum to their subscribers directs to farther possibilities galore.

In the sing-song of possibilities, 12 months free line rental deal with all its offers in abundance, come to the fore as one of the most significant point influencing the whole affair of mobility and its progress in the future. Lets talk about it.

A 12 months free line rental deal has effectively established the idea of ​​cost-effective mobility. A 12 months line rental plan comes with a platter full of freebies that makes the whole affair of mobility reaching new heights. A 12 months free line rental appears as one variety of contract mobile phone deals. Presently on offer from many a retailers and network service providers, the deal comes with plenty of freebies. For a subscriber, after through with signing contract deal for a period of 12 months, the list of goodies follows soon to awe inspire many with permission of free text space, free roaming facilities, free insurance cover on the mobile phone set. Above of all gifts, an entire state-of-the-art mobile phone come for free. Relentless with the gift and offers, the deal comes contractors another show-stopper in the form of a hugely popular gaming console completely for free.

With so much on offer, a 12 months free line rental comes as the most conducive option for a mobileer who wants to buy a recent handset but feel a little stifled with the price tag. Identifying the superior reachability internet, major mobile network service providers are making prominent on-line appearances with their offers and helping millions of the users from every corners of a geographical region to register themselves with a 12 months free line rental mobile phone deal.


Samsung E900: Packed with Top Features

The Samsung E900 is a stylish and elegant slide mobile phone and has been designed for simplicity and convenience. The touch sensitive control pad and an intuitive dual interface distinguishes music mode from talking mode. The Samsung E900 also includes a powerful 2 megapixel camera with flash and video recording feature which helps you to capture those special moments by day or night. More features include Bluetooth, EDGE, MP3 playback, 80 MB memory and microSD memory card support.

With an external memory slot, you can take even more of your favorite tracks with you on the move once they are on your tiny Micro SD card. The Samsung E900 is definitely a case of look good, feel great, and is packed with exciting functions.

The new design and the use of a touchpad make the E900 superbly similar to the LG Chocolate KG800. When you start the phone, the touchpad only displays two soft keys at the top that let you access the menu and contacts, and the send and end call keys at the bottom. The phone also comes with a handsfree headset that lets you receive calls and listen to music.

There's also an MP3 player supporting MP3, ACC, ACC +, e-AAC + and WMA. You can listen to music via the loudspeaker or you can use the proprietary headphones. View your phones content on a large screen by hooking up the E900 to a TV using the TV-output. Features like infrared, Bluetooth, SMS and MMS messaging, a voice recorder, polyphonic ring tones, a calendar, a to-do list, a scheduler, a clock, world time, an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch, a calculator, a currency converter and Java games are also supported.

Battery life lasts for over two days with heavy usage and you get 3.5 hours talk time and 220 hours on standby.

The Samsung E900 is available with all networks like O2, Vodafone, etc. Take advantage of the best mobile phone deals available with networks like O2, Vodafone, 3, etc. and get offers on contract phones, sim free phones.

Samsung E900


Cell Phone Bill Problems – Reasons Why Your Bill Is High

In the 20th century, we saw that technology was really about to become an essential part of our lives. A lot of people thought that cell phone bills were going to be cheap when they were first introduced to the public. In all reality, cell phone bills have not gone down and they are continuing to increase every year, in my opinion.

As a cell phone user, I can see why you are concerned about your bill because there is nothing more tiresome as to being able to communicate with your loved ones and surf the web because your bill is too high. Before we blame the providers, we need to get to the root as to why bills have skyrocketed in the first place.

Fees are being smuggled

I apologize for the choice of words that I have used above, however that is what the major carriers are doing. In my opinion, most carriers are increasing their fees in percentages due to the ignorance of the consumers. In my opinion, I believe that the fees that are being smuggled by the cell phone providers are early termination fees and contract extension fees. I would recommend that you take the last 5 monthly payments and compare them to see if the fees have increased.

Taxes are increasing for the providers

In most countries, the government taxes the cell phone providers. If the government increases the taxes to the major providers, they will increase the taxes for the consumer. I would recommend that you check the tax policies in your state or region to see how you are being charged.

Limited data

Back in the day, most cell phone carriers offered unlimited data plans to the people. In the early stages of offering unlimited data packages to the consumer, the providers underestimated the amount of data that the public can consume. What did they do as a solution? In most cases, they started capping their data plans, which means consumers will have to pay extra for every time they go over their data plan's limits.

There are more reasons as to why your bill is high. Those three reasons above are the main causes why cell phone bills are high. I would recommend that you seek help from experts who will share more information on how to lower your bill. I would recommend that you join some cell phone forums to see what other people have done to dramatically lower their bills.