Numeric Pagers

Most popular for personal use, a numeric pager can display "numbers only" – telephone numbers or numeric codes. To send a numeric page, a caller just dials your pager's phone number and enters his / her own number. The number of the sender shows on your pager, and you know that you need to call him. The storage capacity for received messages in most numeric pagers is 24 digits. Many of them offer silent vibration alerts to indicate the arrival of new messages.

Numeric pagers are advantageous due to several factors. They are flexible and work in silent mode without disturbing others in quiet environments. They can work in noisy environments and enable users to read messages privately.

In order to send a numeric message to a pager, dial the pager number you want to contact on a touch-tone phone. Once you hear the tone, enter the number you want displayed on the telephone keypad. Then press the pound sign (#) to signal the end of the message. The paging service temporarily dispatches a signal to the local paging terminal, which transmits it via radio waves over the entire coverage area. The pager then alerts the recipient pager owner with beeps or vibrations that a message has arrived.

Numeric pagers contain a small screen that displays up to 24 digits. Nowadays, you can find models of numeric pagers in various contemporary and fun colors. Some of the models are now as thin as a credit card.

As is the case with cellular phones, pagers have become more and more of a commodity these days, with service becoming the key. Many dealers now waive the pager activation charge, or sell the units at a loss to lure new customers.

Monthly service fees can range from $ 10 to $ 40 per month, with payment on a quarterly or annual basis. A pager costs $ 30 to $ 150 depending on the type of pager and accompaniment features. You can also lease a pager for a small fee.


How to Increase Your Laptop's Battery Life for Longer Use

Although many people ignore it, the battery life is one of the most important parts of your laptop, unless you use your notebook for non-portable purposes. The average life of a notebook battery is between two and three hours. Unfortunately, most batteries do not even stand for their minimum reference.

When I bought my laptop, they said that the battery will stand for three to four hours, but it actually stands for much less … What am I supposed to do?

While testing their battery life, most companies are trying to avoid loading high performance on their CPU, HDD and graphics memory, while you are using a huge part of your resources. You could always think about saving some battery life. Here are some effective tips on how to increase your battery life while not charging:

Dim your screen – You can always turn down the brightness of your screen, depending on the light in your room.

Turn down the volume – The volume needs a lot of energy. Turn it down if you are not using an external device with independent battery / charger.

Turn off unused laptop features – For example Bluetooth, or Wireless if you are currently not connected to the internet.

Turn off unused applications and processes – End the background applications that are not in use at the moment. You can monitor the resource usage of all running processes through the "Task Manager" – Ctrl + Shift + Esc. .

Also, if you are not connected to the internet, you can feel free to shut down or temporary disable your firewall / anti-virus software.

Schedule Windows updates – While trying to save a battery life, it is not the best time to update your windows. Run these updates when you are charging your battery.

Another big mistake that laptop users always assume is charging the laptop even when its battery is full. Remember: It is recommended to unplug your charger when your battery is full. By this way the battery will get more "training" on its consummation.

What is the difference between sleep and hibernate?

While your laptop is "sleeping", your display and hard drive are turn off. Currently running applications are stored in your RAM, while in hibernation, the applications data is saved to your hard drive. So, use the hibernate mode instead of sleep, because in hibernate mode, your laptop is completely using no power. You may have noticed that in sleep mode your laptop can be woken accidentally, which is another advantage of the hibernate mode.


Trace Cell Phone Numbers – Catch a Liar Professionally

Many people especially private investigators are using reverse cell phone directory to trace cell phone numbers. This is due to the directory is providing you a lot of personal information regarding to the cell phone number that you search for. Most cheater will use cell phone as their tool to communicate.

In today world, cheating is an epidemic. Does this sound funny? Today it is more common for you to be involved in certain affairs outside a marriage than being faithful to your husband or wife. I am pretty sure that you had encountered in situation like this before where you felt your husband or wife is having an affair outside your marriage. As your suspicious grow, you will then start searching for their cell phone bills.

Then you found an unknown number that is keep on popping up in the bill. Your husband or wife might just tell you it is John or Marry from his or her office. Will you believe what they say? I am sure you do not, then you start checking up their text messages and found out they are respectively want to meet each other again. This is certainly more than normal colleague relationships.

This is where reverse cell phone directory comes into play. You need their service for you to trace cell phone numbers. The directory will give you personal information such as owner name, billing address, service provider and other relevant information. You can follow the billing address to meet up with the owner; This is the best way to bust a cheater professionally.

People think they can hide behind cellular phone numbers because in the past it is severely traceable. However, today we have reverse cell phone directories to help us in busting all the cheaters because they often update their database and keep all the relevant information on the cell phone number.

If you felt unsecured in your relationship, you might need these directories to help you to trace cell phone numbers and the truth is just a click away.


Mobile Phone Unlocking 101

The latest craze in the mobile phone industry is "unlocking", as more and more cell phone users do not want to part with their current cell phone, but are looking for another cell phone service provider for one reason or another. Reasons for keeping their phones can range from price to feel to style, while reasons for not keeping their current cell phone service can differ greatly.

Mobile phones come with a variety of charges and fees, not to mention the fact that you usually need to pay for the actual cell phone itself. It's not an easy task to get a new service provider to use your current phone. Basically, you'll have to buy a brand new phone for your new provider.

Every cell phone bought in the world has a "serial number", referred to as IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, which directly connects a particular phone to a service provider and also connects the same phone to the user. Inside many cell phones is a removable card called a SIM (Subscriber Information Module), which serves as the medium between the phone and user as well as the phone and the service provider. Some such providers put a lock on the SIM inside of your phone so that they are the only service provider that you can use on that particular phone.

By unlocking your phone or SIM, you are simply allowing your cell phone purchase to be more useful to you, as it enables you to use your phone with absolutely any SIM card, anywhere in the world, regardless of which company you originally purchased the phone from.

The benefits are staggering! Including alleviating roaming charges and the freedom to choose your service provider, you can actually increase the resale value of your phone! As long as the unlocking process is done properly, no harm will be done to the phone and service should go on uninterrupted.

Of course, unlocking your mobile phone will not get you out of a current contract with a mobile phone service provider, as you'll still be responsible for paying the monthly maintenance fee for the reminder of your contract.

There are primarily two different ways in which a mobile phone can be unlocked. Firstly, is the archaic means of sending your phone through the mail to a legitimate company to complete the service for you.

Secondly, more recent advances are allowing mobile phones to be unlocked with the use of a "secret code". Such a code is based on the IMEI serial number assigned to your phone and the service provider who originally locked it. This particular option is much less costly and time consuming, as it can usually be completed via email or other type of website correspondence with a legitimate mobile phone code provider, or even by downloading your own private lock kit.


Nokia 7373 – What a Beauty!

The Nokia 7373 is beauty personified. It comes under the genre of the much loved L’amour series and truly exemplifies design par-excellence. Like each distinct handset under the genre, even Nokia 7373 comes with alluring physical attributes and an exclusive distinctive charm. But besides its well thought looks, the Nokia 7373 is also empowered with impressive ergonomics to make a perfect blend of form & functionalities. Further, Nokia 7373 is designed to catered both the sexes. It is available in two different colours – in bronzed black coloured casing and in powder pink colour casing.

The Nokia 7373 is empowered by a spring loaded swivel design that can rotate 180 degrees. Its surface is finely tooled, with flawless finish and impressive highlights. The beauty of Nokia 7373 gets more value with its elaborate tribal marking, making the Nokia 7373 a rare classical piece. The motifs of swirl and waves further enhances the look.

On closed position, the Nokia 7373 remains undisturbed by any keys or design innovation. The exterior being dominated by a high resolution colourful screen. The screen is competent to reflect 262 K colours, which means better and apt visibility when it comes to pictures and videos. Plus, the user interface is quite friendly. There is also the option of short cut buttons for ease of use. The keypad is impressively done as well. One of the most interesting thing about the Menu of Nokia 7373 is that, it can be displayed in 4 different ways – as a list, a 3×4 icon grid layout, a 3×3 icon grid with labels, or in a tabbed fashion.

Nokia 7373 is predominantly a fashion phone, but it is vested with many essential features as well. For imaging experience, the phone comes with 2 MP camera with 8 x digital zoom. More, this rare beauty offers GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB. The Nokia 7373 runs on 3rd edition of the S40 interface, and comes with a decent memory and battery life.


What Kind of Information About Cell Phone Numbers is Free and What Kind Is not

Do you have a cell phone number that you would like to learn about, but are not sure what information you can obtain for free, and are wondering what details you will be expected to pay for. You will discover that the free information will be very basic, as the only details that can be provided is that which is easily accessible or considered public knowledge.

The following is the information you should expect to find for free. Keep in mind that if the free cell phone lookup you are using does not provide you with these facts, find one that does:

– Area code information – This is often the most helpful information, as it can at least provide you with a general idea of ​​the location of the cellular phone user. That is because an area code is assigned to a specific geographic location. Therefore, you will learn the name of the state, and likely the name of the city that is associated with the phone number.

– Name of wireless provider – You will be given the name of the mobile phone company that provides service to the phone. However, you should be aware that this information could be stale, as free databases are not updated on a frequent basis.

-Type of phone line – It will be confirmed if the phone number you are searching is the property of a cell phone or a private landline number.

Information that you will be required to pay for, as it is automatically removed from public viewing due to the privacy of the numbers, includes:

– Name of cell phone owner – The full name of the wireless owner

– Address – This would be the billing address the phone company has on record

– Additional personal information – This can include phone records, public records, demographic information, details about other household members, relatives, etc.

So, what you will end up discovering is that if you think all you require is very general information to help you learn about a cell phone user, a free reverse phone lookup [] will suffice. However, if you require further facts, your only option is to pay the small fee to obtain this information.


China's Lithium-Ion Battery Industry – Solving Safety Concerns

There are many aspects to Li-ion battery safety through its design processes, including safe battery structure, safe raw materials, protective functions and safety certificates. When interviewed by China Electronics News, Mr Su Jinran, deputy chief engineer of Tianjin Lishen Battery Co Ltd, said that product safety began in product design, therefore selecting the right electrode materials, separators and electrolytes are the first priority for safe battery design. For battery anode materials, ternary materials, manganese lithium and lithium iron phosphate, which have been widely used in battery design and yielded satisfactory performance, are more secure than traditional lithium cobaltate and nickel lithium.

Su said that at present, the R & D and manufacturing of anode, cathode and electrolyte materials have established sufficient scales in China, basically capable of satisfying the design and manufacturing requirements of Li-ion batteries. Furthermore, the research on some safe coating materials has started to be commercialized, providing a new aspect for improving Li-ion battery safety, but China still needs to invest more and follow up on R & D and applications in this area.

An executive from the mobile energy business of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd in China commented that when it comes to safety of Li-ion battery, all parts and materials used for making the battery play important roles. They are therefore trying to put together parts and materials to ensure its safety as a whole. Furthermore, in order to utilize parts and materials, it is important to employ advanced industrial production technologies and quality control technologies when thinking about safety improvement. "To further ensure Li-ion battery safety, we need to jointly consider batteries and the electronic equipment that use them. said the executive.

Innovation-based standard setting

Due to the complexity in Li-ion battery safety mechanism, especially the impact on safety after re-using the batteries, the process of understanding Li-ion battery safety and setting its standards should be gradual and progressive. And the development and application of external control techniques should also be considered. Su recommended that as setting Li-ion battery safety standards is a highly technical job, both standard setting professionals from battery standardization bodies and technical specialists from the battery industry, users and electronic control areas should participate in the process, including experimental verification works.

Senior engineer from China Electronics Standardization Institute, Mr Sun Chuanhao, said that Li-ion batteries could currently be divided into energy types and power types. As these two products have differences in materials and design structures, their testing methods and requirements are dissimilar, even under the same safety conditions. The so-called portable batteries belong to the energy type, including Li-ion batteries used in mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and video cameras, while the power type battery is for power tools, electric bikes and electric vehicles. Sun claimed authorities should introduce separate Li-ion battery safety standards for these two distinct types.

Many industry experts agreed that standard setting of Li-ion battery in China should be built on the foundation of independent innovation, but also need to learn and refer to international standards such as IEC, IEEE and UL.

Li-ion battery for vehicle use

Because of its light weight and high energy density, Li-ion battery's application areas are expanding in China, and it is experiencing that Li-ion technology could be heavily used in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, which could further increase Li-ion battery's market penetration. As a result, developing Li-ion batteries for vehicle use has become a focus for many Chinese Li-ion battery manufacturers. An analyst from China Academy of Sciences, Mr Huang Xuejie, pointed out that although China is now the second largest Li-ion manufacturing country only behind Japan, it is not yet a strong country in this field. Many small-size batteries in China are still produced manually, resulting in varied product quality and fierce price competition. Commercialization of power type batteries isill at an early stage in China, and there is still a vacuum for Li-ion batteries which could last 15 years on hybrid electric cars, as well as their key materials and technologies.

As there are high technical barriers for producing high end products such as vehicle-use Li-ion batteries, experts are calling for the cooperation between R & D, engineering technologies and management specialists. And in order to improve the technical level of China's battery industry, the government should also give assistance and establish expertise spread mechanism for the industry.


Sony Ericsson W580 – Best from Sony Ericsson!

The Sony Ericsson W580 GSM Cell Phone offers a complete world roaming cellular solution with its quad-band support. This light cell phone comes in at a mere 94 grams total weight (3.3 ounces) and you will find that it's reliably easy to handle. It is not surprisingly thick either, coming in at 14mm (0.55 inches) wide.

The Sony Ericsson W580 is specifically designed for the USA market in mind, which is not found very often anymore when it comes to Sony. Sony is banking on the music capabilities of the W580 to attract its American customers. The music abilities of the W580 rival that of a modern day digital music player, some of you may call them MP3 players.

The W580 automatically comes with a 512MB memory stick when you purchase the phone. This kind of memory gives you enough room to store roughly 500 – 600 songs total, you may find it tough to fill up. If you need more memory than this, you can always purchase another card with more memory. The Sony Ericsson W580 makes it easy to switch between cards.

You'll also find that the W580 comes with a USB cable that allows you to seamlessly connect your W580 to your home PC. If you want, you could store files and other data easily on the W580.

If you'd rather listen to your music on the radio, the W580 does that too. There's an RDS compatible FM radio that delivers decent quality audio, and reception is clear for the most part.

The W580 is also Bluetooth compatible, which is a joy for music lovers who like to listen to their music on wireless headphones. With integrated stereo support you can connect your pair of wireless headphones and enjoy your digital music without the annoyance of clunky wires and parts flying around as you walk.

The TFT display on the W580 is 2¨ with a rich 262k colors. The display is not difficult to read, and the font size is good, clear and easy on the eyes.

If you're a picture lover, the W580 comes complete with an integrated 2 MP fixed focus cam. There's also full video support, capture videos and store them on the memory stick. You can also play the captured videos at your leisure.

The Sony Ericcson W580 offers plenty of extras to keep people happy with their new phone. The extras include a fitness pedometer to easily keep track of your workouts, a full RSS news feed reader, java games, and even a track ID application that allows you to identify certain songs by simply holding the phone up to the music, like a speaker for example.

Battery life is pretty solid with the Sony Ericcson W580. There's a good 9 hours of talk time, and standby time comes in at almost a week and a half (about 15 days rough).

Instead of going with a digital music player, you may want to consistently consider the benefits of the Sony Ericsson W580. It combines high quality audio and music capabilities with a cell phone, complete with a good camera.


Laptop Batteries Replacement

The actual life of a laptop battery varies according to the usage habits of the laptop. If your laptop's battery is experiencing shorter life cycles then you have to identify if it needs a replacement or not. Both original new and repaired laptop batteries are available online and at stores – better go for a new one.

The performance of a laptop's battery depends upon its physical devices that require more electricity to operate. The hard drive, the floppy drive and the CD-ROM are the devices that sap up maximum power.

The computational programs and the calculation processes used by spreadsheet applications and database programs use the processor to a greater degree as well resulting in large consumption of electricity. Other physical devices that consume greater strength of battery are audio and display devices. The display panel also consumes lot of electricity. The brighter the screen appears, the more electricity it is consuming. Video applications also have an intense effect on electrical needs, due to its usage of virtual memory. Laptop batteries, like other batteries, start discharging faster as they age.

Now if your laptop's battery is giving frequent problems then go for a replacement. The best option is to go for online shopping portal like, and select suitable laptop batteries for replacement. There are laptop batteries of all makes that will replace the aging battery of your laptop to make it all new and latest. The brand new battery will be proffered to you at a bargain price that will fit your laptop perfectly. The only thing that needs to be done is to correctly identify the model and serial number of your laptop battery and verify the Voltage and Amp rating prior to your purchase.

Before placing order for a replacement battery at, view the model and serial numbers labeled on the bottom of the battery. For this, remove the battery from the laptop and you'll see that the battery serial number is printed in black lettering benefit a barcode. After the removal of the aging battery from the laptop plug in the AC adapter to provide power to your laptop until a replacement battery arrives. After serial number verification, a new battery will be shipped to you promptly. All laptop batteries are built with the highest quality cells and appropriately meet the original manufacturer's specifications. The low overhead provides the finest laptop batteries at great prices along with a guarantee of quality.


Motorola Razr V3 – The Best Yet

When Motorola decided to bring out a new cell phone they decided to throw away the rule book and what they come out with has certainly begun to stand out from the rest.

The Razr V3 which is generally referred to as the Razr is considered by many to epitomise visibly what is at the forefront of cell phone design and technology. The first thing that nobody can ignore with this product is how incredibly thin it is. With it only being 1.4 cm thick and 5.3cm wide (it is about the same width as the credit card you have in your wallet or purse) and it is only 9.8cm long, therefore making it one of the smallest and slimmest cell phones available in the market today. Plus with its distinct looks it is no reason why the Razr's popularity has continued to increase.

Also with its unique style and popular appearance the Razr is certainly not all flash and no substance. As well has been equipped with a digital camera, which has a quality zoom function that allows you to catch any moment you like, it also has the ability for the user to watch relayed through the polyphonic speaker. Although the screen is small, Motorola has still been able to include 3D graphics which help to make an optimal picture experience.

Another reason why the Razr has been able to give such a high level of technology within this small package is the new "Bluetooth" technology that has also been included with this package. This apparently allows the Razr to carry out many of the tasks that are typically associated with larger cell phones.

Motorola has certainly come up with a winner this time. All too often you find that phone companies who try to give the public a flashy new design of phone ending up with a product that is all flash and no substance. These results in a large amount of their customers finding that they have purchased a dud and that it does not live up to the hype that the company has pushed on to them. However, with the