HTC Touch 3G

The HTC Touch family is highly regarded in the market and the HTC Touch 3G promises to be a winner in the smart phone category.

With a weight of 96g and dimension of 102×53.6×14.5 mm, HTC Touch 3G is a very compact device aimed at those for what weight and space is at a premium. The small size does not infringe on capacity, however, and a range of colors render it even more attractive – it looks particularly impressive in the gold color option.

With the excellent 2.8 inch screen that can be found on a number of HTC phones – a full QVGA device with touch screen capability – the Touch 3G is capable and promises much simply in appearance.

The HTC Touch 3G is more than just being good looking, however, as the high speed – 7.2 Mbps – HSDPA broadband capability with quad-band support for GSM networks is a definite plus sign, and for users looking to dodge network data charges the Touch 3G features Wi-Fi and it also sports a built-in GPS receiver with Google Maps pre-installed.

The HTC Touch 3G is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone and those Windows mobile fans will be among the most likely customers. It supports MS Exchange, push email, mobile versions of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, a PDF reader. Paring down the TouchFLO interface from 3D to 2D brings improvement when compared to the HTC Touch Diamond and makes the handset easy to use and tactile to handle.

With 192MB of RAM the HTC Touch 3G has a very capable memory base. One of the earlier practices of HTC phones has been that they were slower than many rivals, but the HTC Touch 3G's 528MHz processor takes a step forward in that respect and delivers zippy interface navigation.

Memory is expandable by the usual card slot, and the 3.2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, no self-protrait mirror and no LED for lighting up subjects in dark situations is only rudimentary. Added features include Bluetooth and the usual additions, giving the Touch 3G a firm footing in the market place. Online applications such as the Opera Mini web browser, YouTube viewer and Google Maps are also included.

This phone offers a decent battery, providing six hours of talk time and nearly 19 days of standby time on a charge, making HTC Touch 3G's most impressive point. All in all as HTC's mid-ranged smartphone, HTC Touch 3G is a great phone with good looks and solid performance.


Nokia E65 – Understand your Business

Now here is one business phone where the users will use the words like "beautiful" and "attractive" to describe it. Yes, normally these words would be used to describe fashion phones, but with Nokia E65 using these adjectives would just be as normal.

The phones comes with a slider mechanism, in a small compact style. The smooth contours and soft casing (that feels like leather) adds an element of class to the whole look, and makes it distinctive glamorous. Further, the silver and black color scheme makes the phone look smart and just apt for the business men.

Nokia E65 comes with a large screen, benefit which there are controls and short cut buttons. The short cut buttons are a little cramped and many feel difficult in operating it. But when the slider is opened, the Nokia E65 reveals a smart keypad that is spacious and has a large tactile button for hassle free dialing. No, the keypad does not have a QWERTY keypad, but if the priority is short messages then Nokia E65 aptly accommodates all the necessities. Talking of text messages, the Nokia E65 is also enabled with a backlight so that the texts can be read in dark environment. The lack of QWERTY keypad can also be justified as the Nokia E65 was constructed predominately as a talking gadget. Thus, the cell had phone-like design and voice-specific controls.

The Nokia E65 is a quad band world phone. This means that the cell phone allows the users to stay connected even when they are traveling overseas. To keep up the business and assignments, the mobiles empowers the users with the versatility of speaker phone, conference calling, voice dialing, speed dial, and VOIP support. For more support, the Nokia E65 has 3G, bluetooth, infrared support.

The Nokia E65 offers 6 hours of talk time and up to 11 days of standby time. It weighs only 4.0 ounces.

Nokia E65


Blackberry Dominates the Smartphone Market in North America

Blackberry Operating system OS is a proprietary mobile operating system, developed for the Blackberry line of smartphone handhelds. The operating system provides multitasking and supports specialized input devices that have been adopted for use in RIM handhelds, particularly the trackwheel, trackball and most recently, the trackpad and touchscreen.

Research in Motion Limited (RIM) is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company best known as the developer of the Blackberry smartphone, The Blackberry dominates the smartphone market in North America and has a 55 per cent market share in the region. Globally, it is far behind Symbian, remaining second with 19 per cent market share and 1050 million devices sold in the first quarter of 2010. This OS is focused on easy operation and was originally designed for business use. Recently, it has seen a surge in third party applications and has been improved to offer full multimedia support.

Unfortunately, Blackberry OS does not provide a great environment for creating truly cool third party software. Many are of the opinion that the OS is a mess of Java APIs that have encrusted over various years on top of an ancient real time operating system (RTOS) core. Also, many developers seem to lack the enthusiasm to create 3D games and augmented reality experiences made available on the iPhone, Android, or even Windows Phone 7. The result is that RIM is way behind the curve when it comes to having a rich array of consumer focused applications. In a World where smartphone platforms live and die on the strength of there third party app communities, RIM has to refocus its OS priorities in order to avoid being reduced to selling messaging phones.

However all does not seem lost as the existing RIM applications are written in Java. This is a potential life saver as a new Blackberry applications in a virtual-machine compatibility layer, while offering new APIs that allow programmers to create much better software in the future.


How Does a Washing Machine Work?

Washing machines are used to clean clothing by submerging clothing in a mixture of detergent and water. The motion of the washer serves to loosen the dirt.

In machines, such as the top loading whirlpool washing machine, the agitator acts by twisting the clothing back and forth and pulling the garments to the tub’s bottom. The clothes are then pulled back up where they are once again grabbed by the agitator. In machines which are front loading, the clothes are tumbled and plunged within the water repeatedly. After the water is removed, the drum on the inside stimulates centrifugal force in order to remove all of the water from the garments.

Although washing machines are designed differently depending on the manufacturer, the basic design is similar. The control of the machine consists of a cycle selector mechanism, a selector of water temperature, a timer, a start button, and a selector of load size. The mechanisms of the machine consist of a transmission, motor, pump, clutch, agitator, outer tub, inner tub, as well as a water inlet valve.

The washing machine possesses two tubs with the inner tub having numerous holes and the outer tub being responsible for holding the water. The spin cycle causes the inner tub to spin which serves to force the water outward. The controls of the cycle include both integrated and separate controls for water level, water temperature, a start switch, and cycle selection.

The switch on the lid, which indicates when the lid is closed or open, can interrupt the operation of the washing machine. A water valve then connects to the supply of water in order to provide cold and hot water flow. The agitator, which is located in the inner tub, rotates in order to pull the clothes back and forth. The water is then removed from the tub.

The agitator, the spin drum, and the pump are motor driven. Some of these machines use the concept of direct drive, which consists of the motor connecting directly to the transmission and pump. Some other machines utilize a belt drive through which a motor passes the transmission through both a pulley as well as a belt. On those machines which utilize a belt drive, a flexible coupling is used to connect the pump to the motor. The transmission serves to drive the inner tub’s spin as well as the agitator’s motion. The washer may possess either a reversing motor or a single direction motor.

The majority of washing machines utilize a clutch which reduces the force that is generated by the motor. The clutch also permits the transmission to take hold of the agitator or drum gradually instead of simultaneously. Some of the washers utilize a clutch while other machines rely on gradual tension and slippage.


Nokia 6288 – Another Hot Model From Nokia

The Nokia 6288 is a truly awesome handset. It has been one of the hottest mobile handsets since its launch in September 2006. A contemporary look and sophisticated features have made this gadget an undisputed winner among its counterparts. This extremely lightweight phone weighs morerely 115 gms; Here, carrying it along is not a problem at all. The phone looks quite sophisticated with the dimensions of 100x46x21 mm. A wide display with bright colors enables for great viewing of images, videos, and text. So you can enjoy your favorite videos just the way you wanted to see them. The in-built 1600×1200 pixels camera of this compact phone lets you record high quality video. Record your videos and enjoy the excellent quality playback.

This compact phone from Nokia supports phonebook memory of 500×16 fields and Photocall and is capable of keeping track of 20 received, 20 dialed, and 20 missed calls. the 6288 has an internal memory of 6 MB and can store data at 48 kbps providing enough space for your important contacts and information.

Sending MMS, SMS, Instant Messaging, and E-mails is also possible with this contemporary handset from Nokia. If you wish your mobile phone could help you in staying connected to the Web while you are on the move, the 6288 lets you do that as well! So you can browse through the Web, check and reply to the emails as and when you need to. This gadget has all the features that you can seek in a contemporary handset, it's user-friendly and versatile.

Nokia is well known for the mobile handsets that are not only modern in appearance but also full of innovative features. Just like its antecedents this one also has the qualities that have made it a big hit among the people and is expected to continue remain so in future as well!


LG KU990 Viewty – The First Preference

The LG KU990 Viewty mobile phone handset comes with a high quality camera and imaging features. The Viewty KU990 model is a solid design with no fancy openings. The handset with a measurement of 103.5mm x 54.4mm x 14.8mm and weighing 112 gms, is very comfortable to hold in hand. The handset from LG comes with a large 3 Inch TFT LCD touchscreen that has a 240 x 400 pixel screen resolution and is capable of displaying upto 262K colors. The touchscreen comes with a touch feedback feature which allows the user to actually feel the response from the touchscreen with a mixer buzz on their fingertips.

The Viewty KU990 is an imaging focused 3G phone that comes with a 5.1 megapixel digital camera feature with a Schneider kreuznach lens, auto focus, image stabilizer and a xenon flash. The LG KU990 Viewty mobile phone has a dedicated camera located on the side of the handset that helps the user to select the camera or video settings. The mobile phone has a built-in music player that assures the users of perfect musical entertainment. The handset has FM radio complete with RDS that makes it possible for the user to view information while listening to preferred radio station.

The LG KU990 Viewty handset carries various messaging services that suppports the user to create, send and receive a variety of messages including a text SMS message, multimedia MMS message or an email.

This model handet from LG comes with an internal memory of 100 Mbytes that can be extended by the user up to 2Gbytes with a MicroSD (TM) memory card. The LG KU990 Viewty carries attractive features including 3G technology, HSDPA which is high speed download packet access, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, EDGE technology & USB connection. The user can connect the mobile phone to other compatible devices using either a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cable connection.


How Do I Find Someone's Email Address

We all like to keep in contact with friends, family, coworkers, and business associates and in this modern era email is one of many choices for doing just this. But what happens when you find yourself asking, "How do I find someone's email address". Much like cell phone numbers there is not an online directory that just lets you look up email addresses quickly and easily.

This is because email addresses are not normally published in a freely accessible directory for everyone to use. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer amount of new email addresses that are created everyday. Some people may in fact have more then one address associated with themselves, and many times they throw these away for any number of reasons.

You can use the internet in two ways to hunt down an unknown email address. The first is to just do a search using one of the big internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. What you are counting on happening is finding someone's email address that they left on a website somewhere in cyberspace. Social networking sites like MySpace, online classified sites, message boards, and forums are all places you may find email addresses.

The more you know about the person who email you are looking for the better of finding it if it exists on one of these sites. To use this method you enter the full name of the person and any other information you know about them into the search box. To make the search specific to that name put quotes around it like so "Betsy Young". If you know where they live you can add that information as well. It will look like this "Betsy Young" + Miami. Hit the search button and see what you can find.

Your second choice for finding someone's email address is to use a reverse email lookup directory. This route has the best chance of success because they give you instantaneous access to public records databases which contain large amounts of information including email addresses. You will have to pay but the fee is usually small, in the $ 20 to $ 40 range. Once you have paid you will get unlimited access to do as many searches as you need to for the lifetime of your membership.

Many of these sites also give you access to other records that exist in the public domain including court records, bankruptcy reports, marriage and divorce records, unlisted phone and fax numbers, tax liens, and other records as well.

So the next time you ask "how do I find someone's email address" you can try these two methods. Just remember that doing a free search may not find the email information you are looking for. To greatly increase your chances consider spending a little money to quickly find the email address you are looking for.


How to Build an HHO Cell – A Common Sense Approach to Choosing a Design

With gas prices rising out of control, many people are looking for information on how to build an HHO cell. These popular gas saving devices utilize inexpensive parts that can be found at any local hardware store, along with plain tap water to improve fuel economy and clean up emissions.

An important thing to remember when looking at how to build an HHO cell, is not to get thought up thinking there are some different designs as some would lead you to believe. Although there are some neat deviations from the original design, such as the 6-pack for big trucks, all of them still operate on the same basic principle.

HHO cells are also known as HHO generators or hydrogen gas savers, and operate by actually generating HHO gas directly from water. HHO gas itself is a hydrogen / oxygen gas mixture which is created through the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis is nothing but a fancy term for passing an electrical current through water. The electrical current will be provided by your vehicles battery / alternator.

In order to supplement gasoline usage, HHO gas is directed from the cell to the engine air intake via a vacuum tube. After entering the intake, it travels with the air into the engine where it will supplement the gasoline for combustion.

That being said, the basic design consists of a water reservoir, electrolysis parts, tubing, and some hardware to mount the reservoir underneath the hood. Beyond that, there is not much when it comes to how to build an HHO cell. There is some simple wiring involved as well. You will generally wire the electrolysis equipment so that it is on time the engine is running, but you can also wire it up with an on / off switch ran to your cars cabin for easy operation.


Apple Finally Encourages You to Buy Cases for the iPhone7

As the single highest selling smartphone in the world, Apple’s iPhone is the trend setter in the smartphone market, just like their iconic MacBook laptop and iMac all-in-one desktop systems have been settings trends in the computer market, for more than a decade now. One of the most divisive questions in the smartphone market, after the choice between iOS or Android powered devices, is the decision whether to use your phone in a case or not. While other manufacturers have not really come out against cases and some have even released their own cases for their phones, Apple has always been firmly anti-case.

This may seem at odds with the fact that Apple does indeed sell silicone and leather cases for their own phones and has been doing so for many years. This year too, Apple has updated their own leather cases for the iPhone 7 to include colour matched aluminium volume buttons. This is in addition to the thousands of other designer cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that new iPhone owners will be able to choose from.

Jet Black is the new Black

Apple’s huge about-face in the matter of cases comes because of one particular new colour that they just launched with the iPhone 7. Apple fanbois and fangirls will have guessed already, since the colour has turned out to be the most popular. The colour is the shiny, Jet Black. Apple itself, for the first time recommends that you choose one of the many designer cases for the iPhone 7 Plus or 7, for your new phone. Actually, they just recommend a case and hope that you’ll choose one of theirs but you get the idea. The reason for this is because the surfaces of the Jet Black new iPhone 7 and Plus are so smooth and shiny that they are prone to get scratched if you use them without a case. Apple of course, has come up with their own made up marketing term for scratches, they call them micro abrasions. A rose by any other name and all that but the long and the short of it is that if you don’t want your Jet black new iPhone 7 to be covered in fingerprints, scratches and ‘micro abrasions’ you should get one of Apple’s cases or better still, one of the many third party designer cases for the iPhone 7.

Why Jet Black?

The more logical ones among you may ask what the point even is of choosing a specific iPhone colour if that means that you have to keep the iPhone covered in a case but that is just being way too logical and reasonable. Apple fans have already lapped up the Jet Black iPhone 7 and early stocks of the colour in both the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus are already sold out. This is despite that fact that the colour is only available on the more expensive 128 gb versions of the new iPhones. The real winners here are obviously the case makers.


The Nokia 6500 Slide And Its Feature Rich Characteristics

The Nokia 6500 slide is a remarkable looking phone that slides to open up. This handsome phone has modern features incorporated to it. It includes a camera, a MP3 player and a FM radio. The handsome device is user-friendly and works both as a 2G as well as a 3G handset.

The 6500 slide from Nokia is designed with a dimension of 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm and the weight of the handset is comparatively low as it is kept just at 125 gms. The display screen is an awesome asset as it allows the viewer to watch videos, pictures and wallpapers with amazingly high clarity. This set gets connected with networks such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. It enables the users to transfer files wirelessly and at a high speed. Bluetooth is well-known for this purpose and transfers files to other secondary devices at a rapid speed. Music files are specifically transferred to other devices at a high speed.

The 3.15 MP camera of the handset is capable of giving a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This camera can be used to capture immaculate pictures and also record videos that can either be viewed on the TFT screen or also on a TV screen with the aid of the TV out option. The pictures can be clicked while simultaneously listening to music with the aid of the music player that can play on popular formats such as MP3, AAC and AAC +. The FM radio can also play music based on the channel that one switches to. The screen also enables playing of games such as High Roller Casino, Golf Tour, Rally 3D, Snake 3+ and more.

The nokia 6500 slide is good for messaging services such as sending emails, voice mails and also MMS. Thus it serves everyone with some of the best messaging options. The battery of the mobile gives a standby time of 310 hr and a talktime of 6 hr. The memory of the phone is 20 MB internal memory.