TOPPOWER Alkaline Button Cell Battery 1.55V LR41 / 192 / AG3 2-Pack

Price: $6.99 - $6.97

TOPPOWER 1.55V AG3 / LR41 / A192 cell battery provides excellent continuous power sources to your device. it is good Long shelf life and works with extreme temperatures. it provides steady and reliable electric current.

Material: Stainless steel
Quantity: 2-Pack
Type: Alkaline
Model: AG3 / LR41/192
Battery Voltage 1.55V
PCB Protected Board:No

It is best for digital scales, calculators, watches, remote controls, data organizers, and hundreds of other electronic devices.
It is stable and have a long service life.
Primary cell batteries and Non-rechargeable.
Chemistry Alkaline Manganese Nominal Voltage 1.55V.

AG3 Batteries by Blinkee

Price: $2.17

Provides long life for the devices you use everyday. Common uses: Mini Flashing Lights, Body Lights,Laser pointers, watches, calculators. The batteries will last approximately 2 to 12 hours, battery life depends on product. 1 Battery per ordered quantity.Blinkee Fun!
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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We stand behind our products.
1 Battery per ordered quantity.

HyperPS (60 pcs) AG3 Alkaline 1.5V Button Cell Battery Single Use LR41 192 SR736 V36A 384 SR41SW Watch Toys Remotes Cameras

Price: $7.99

-Good in low & high temperature operations
-Perfect for memory back-up applications where long-term reliability is required
-Provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device
-For use with toys, calculators, cameras, watches, games, mother boards CMOS Battery and other electronic appliances
-Primary cell batteries & Non-rechargeable

Dimensions (mm): 7.9 x 3.6 (D x H)
Nominal Voltage (v): 1.5V
Nominal Capacity (mAh): 26 mAh
May also be known as: AG3, LR41, 92A, 192, 384, 392, 392A, CX41, G3, GP192, V3GA, V36A, L736, LR736,LR41,SB-B1 SR736, SR41, SR41SW, SR41/SW, SR41W
Expiration Year: 3 Years from Purchase Date

Brand new generic AG3 Alkaline Button Cells (Non-Rechargeable) battery.
Batteries are stable and have a long service life.
Comes in a retail blister packing.
Chemistry Alkaline Manganese Nominal Voltage 1.5V.

100 x LR41 LR736 SR41 192 392 AG3 1.5V Alkaline Coins Battery

Price: $8.99


Model: AG3
Replacements: 392 192 lr736 sr41w lr41
Storage life: 2 years
Battery Package: 100pcs
Single Battery dimension: 7.85mm diameter* 3.5mm thickness
Weight: around 60g per plate
Cut-off Voltage :0.9v

Safety Reminds:

1,Do not pile up battery together, battery should be seperated piece by piece!
2, Away from water !
3, Do not put on cotton or fur material!
AG3 LR41 LR736 V3GA SR41 192 392
Capacity : 35mAh
Chemical Composition: Alkaline
Shelf Life: 2 years (not printed on battery)
Application : bullets , eggs , watches , calculators , remote controls , toys and so on.

Nite Ize Batteries 8pk

Price: $2.19 - $4.34

Keep your Nite Ize light shining! replacement lithium and alkaline batteries for your Nite Ize LED products are available.This is a 8-pack of 1.5 Alkaline ag-3 batteries
1.5 volt Alkaline batteries
Choose a 3 pack of 1.5V Alkaline L1154, or an 8 pack of 1.5V Alkaline ag-3 batteries