Motorola Charm – Android 2.1 Smartphone

The MB502 Charm with MotoBlur and Android 2.1 is a great gadget for even the busiest corporate type or the teens who is a messaging addict. The full-QWERTY keyboard and 2.8 inch touch screen make this phone the best mobile choice for those who would like faster web navigation and ease in message typing. With great software features, the Motorola Charm is one of the most flexible mobile devices, able to meet not just work demands but also personal needs.

The Motorola Charm MB502 has a 3 megapixel camera that runs in Kodak Perfect Touch technology. It also serves as a video cam, recording 24-frames per second as well as delivers a square compact shape, measuring 67.2 mm in height, 98.4 mm in width and 11.4 mm in depth. At first glance, people may mistake it for a heavy mobile phone especially with its wide face however, with a weight of 110 grams the MB502 is charming, lightweight gadgetry to carry around.

The Charm MB502 is one of the most responsive and well-equipped phones that meet both the user messaging and corporate needs. Featuring an improved MotoBlur, users are given the enhanced option of sending and receiving messages and updates. The MotorBlur allows additional widgets to be displayed on the screen for easy access.

Running in Android 2.1, the MB502 Charm includes messaging options such as Gmail, POP3 and IMAP. It also features Microsoft Exchange, for viewing Microsoft documents, and an Android Webkit browser.

Being Android phone the Motorola Charm MB502 delivers excellent performance especially when getting connected either through Wi-Fi or 3G. The phone is able to load up web-pages faster. The MB502 already has a decent quality of call. The Motorola Charm MB502 uses a 600 MHz processor that makes the phone respond faster. The Charm also runs on a 1.170 mAh lithium ion battery that lasts for more than 13 days.

When it comes to the Android Smartphone, it is a perfect choice for a mobile phone that cannot be beat! It meets both the user’s messaging needs and work needs. With the addition of an improved MotoBlur, it features widgets that are used for easy access on social networking sites and other applications for MotoBlur.

All in all, the Motorola Charm MB502 is user friendly with sleek features that will definitely rock both teens and corporate world. The Charm is priced at $0.00 on 2 years contract and to add more glitz into it there is Free Bluetooth offer available with this handheld device. If your are existing T-Mobile customer and eligible or due for upgrade, then log on to as upgrade phone is very easy and available at a lower price.


How to Build an HHO Cell – A Common Sense Approach to Choosing a Design

With gas prices rising out of control, many people are looking for information on how to build an HHO cell. These popular gas saving devices utilize inexpensive parts that can be found at any local hardware store, along with plain tap water to improve fuel economy and clean up emissions.

An important thing to remember when looking at how to build an HHO cell, is not to get thought up thinking there are some different designs as some would lead you to believe. Although there are some neat deviations from the original design, such as the 6-pack for big trucks, all of them still operate on the same basic principle.

HHO cells are also known as HHO generators or hydrogen gas savers, and operate by actually generating HHO gas directly from water. HHO gas itself is a hydrogen / oxygen gas mixture which is created through the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis is nothing but a fancy term for passing an electrical current through water. The electrical current will be provided by your vehicles battery / alternator.

In order to supplement gasoline usage, HHO gas is directed from the cell to the engine air intake via a vacuum tube. After entering the intake, it travels with the air into the engine where it will supplement the gasoline for combustion.

That being said, the basic design consists of a water reservoir, electrolysis parts, tubing, and some hardware to mount the reservoir underneath the hood. Beyond that, there is not much when it comes to how to build an HHO cell. There is some simple wiring involved as well. You will generally wire the electrolysis equipment so that it is on time the engine is running, but you can also wire it up with an on / off switch ran to your cars cabin for easy operation.


How to Prepare Your ATV For Trail Riding After Winter – Part 4 of 4

So far we have discussed changing your oil, checking / repairing your tires, evaluating and maintaining your battery, and cleaning your air filter. The final article in this series will address the two remaining topics: (1) Draining your carburetor and (2) Safety checks.

(1) If you properly prepared your machine for winter, you started your machine, turned off the fuel and let it run until the motor used all of the fuel in the carburetor. You then added fuel stabilizer to the fuel in your tank to prevent it from turning into gel. However if you did not follow this step, you will want to drain all of the fuel out of the carburetor before you start your engine. You will also want to evaluate the condition of the gas in your tank.

(2) Safety check: Before you go on the first ride of the year, it's a good time to evaluate the safety features of your machine. Check the tension of each of the hand brakes (if applicable) and the foot brake on your machine. If you have a clutch, check the tension of the clutch cable.

Start your machine and make sure that your kill switch shuts the motor off. Operate the throttle and make sure that it operates freely without any "stickiness". All cables, gas, brakes, and clutch, should be able to be applied and then release quickly.

Check your lug nuts, make sure they are sufficient tight, check your steering mechanism and make sure that your machine turns free of any obstruction. Review the components of your steering mechanism and make sure that all the nuts are tightened securely.

If you can elevate your machine it's a good idea to check to see if your front wheels turn when you engage the four wheel drive (if applicable).

Apply grease to all of the grease zerks on in your steering and drive system, and oil your chain.

These steps only take a few minutes but will decrease the likelihood of machine failure and / or accidents on the trail.


Apple Finally Encourages You to Buy Cases for the iPhone7

As the single highest selling smartphone in the world, Apple’s iPhone is the trend setter in the smartphone market, just like their iconic MacBook laptop and iMac all-in-one desktop systems have been settings trends in the computer market, for more than a decade now. One of the most divisive questions in the smartphone market, after the choice between iOS or Android powered devices, is the decision whether to use your phone in a case or not. While other manufacturers have not really come out against cases and some have even released their own cases for their phones, Apple has always been firmly anti-case.

This may seem at odds with the fact that Apple does indeed sell silicone and leather cases for their own phones and has been doing so for many years. This year too, Apple has updated their own leather cases for the iPhone 7 to include colour matched aluminium volume buttons. This is in addition to the thousands of other designer cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that new iPhone owners will be able to choose from.

Jet Black is the new Black

Apple’s huge about-face in the matter of cases comes because of one particular new colour that they just launched with the iPhone 7. Apple fanbois and fangirls will have guessed already, since the colour has turned out to be the most popular. The colour is the shiny, Jet Black. Apple itself, for the first time recommends that you choose one of the many designer cases for the iPhone 7 Plus or 7, for your new phone. Actually, they just recommend a case and hope that you’ll choose one of theirs but you get the idea. The reason for this is because the surfaces of the Jet Black new iPhone 7 and Plus are so smooth and shiny that they are prone to get scratched if you use them without a case. Apple of course, has come up with their own made up marketing term for scratches, they call them micro abrasions. A rose by any other name and all that but the long and the short of it is that if you don’t want your Jet black new iPhone 7 to be covered in fingerprints, scratches and ‘micro abrasions’ you should get one of Apple’s cases or better still, one of the many third party designer cases for the iPhone 7.

Why Jet Black?

The more logical ones among you may ask what the point even is of choosing a specific iPhone colour if that means that you have to keep the iPhone covered in a case but that is just being way too logical and reasonable. Apple fans have already lapped up the Jet Black iPhone 7 and early stocks of the colour in both the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus are already sold out. This is despite that fact that the colour is only available on the more expensive 128 gb versions of the new iPhones. The real winners here are obviously the case makers.


How Does Roku Work?

The Roku player is a small black box. Physically speaking, it will most likely be the smallest device sitting on your entertainment center. It measures one inch in height, and less than five inches wide and deep. It is comparable to the size of a few CD cases stacked on top of each other. Despite its small size, Roku is a very powerful device for streaming online video to your television.

How Does Roku Work?

When most people think about a device which plays video, they assume there is a physical storage required for the video. For example, to watch a movie on a DVD player, you need a DVD to insert into the DVD player. Similarly, to watch a video you have downloaded, you will need the video to be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Roku has broken the mold in this regard. Since Roku players stream video, they do not need a disc, hard drive, or anything to store the video. This is what keeps the device so small and simple. As long as you have an internet connection and a TV, you can be watching thousands of titles in a matter of minutes.

Roku Streaming Technology

The technology is similar to YouTube. If you’re familiar with YouTube, you know that YouTube videos are not saved to your computer. That would take up entirely too much space. Instead, the video is streamed in small compressed “chunks” of video data so there is minimal loading time. Roku downloads videos from various sources and plays them on the television screen using the same technology.

Roku Models

There are currently 3 Roku models: Roku HD, Roku XD and Roku XD S. The models vary in terms of features, so make sure to compare the Roku models first. Consider the features offered by each model and which features fit your needs before making your purchase decision. There are no recurring fees for owning a Roku player. Purchasing a Roku player is a one-time payment, and the rest is up to you. There is plenty of free videos available for viewing, or you may be interested in paying a small subscription fee for more video than you could ever watch in a lifetime! For example, Netflix and Hulu Plus, which are both available on Roku, offer thousands of movie and television titles which are available on demand.

Roku: What’s Included?

Every Roku player model comes with the following:

  • 1 Remote control
  • 2 “triple A” batteries (for the remote)
  • 1 Composite (red/white/yellow) A/V cable
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 “Getting started guide”
  • 1 year warranty


The Nokia 6500 Slide And Its Feature Rich Characteristics

The Nokia 6500 slide is a remarkable looking phone that slides to open up. This handsome phone has modern features incorporated to it. It includes a camera, a MP3 player and a FM radio. The handsome device is user-friendly and works both as a 2G as well as a 3G handset.

The 6500 slide from Nokia is designed with a dimension of 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm and the weight of the handset is comparatively low as it is kept just at 125 gms. The display screen is an awesome asset as it allows the viewer to watch videos, pictures and wallpapers with amazingly high clarity. This set gets connected with networks such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. It enables the users to transfer files wirelessly and at a high speed. Bluetooth is well-known for this purpose and transfers files to other secondary devices at a rapid speed. Music files are specifically transferred to other devices at a high speed.

The 3.15 MP camera of the handset is capable of giving a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This camera can be used to capture immaculate pictures and also record videos that can either be viewed on the TFT screen or also on a TV screen with the aid of the TV out option. The pictures can be clicked while simultaneously listening to music with the aid of the music player that can play on popular formats such as MP3, AAC and AAC +. The FM radio can also play music based on the channel that one switches to. The screen also enables playing of games such as High Roller Casino, Golf Tour, Rally 3D, Snake 3+ and more.

The nokia 6500 slide is good for messaging services such as sending emails, voice mails and also MMS. Thus it serves everyone with some of the best messaging options. The battery of the mobile gives a standby time of 310 hr and a talktime of 6 hr. The memory of the phone is 20 MB internal memory.


What an Ideal Smartphone Review Should Cover

There is no dearth of information around us. If you look around, each and every media channel is essentially an information dispensing tool. The same rule applies to the world of technology. Tech news and information is available through several portals. However, finding a comprehensive portal that gives you all the information you need in the manner you want it, is important.

For example, there are several cell phone reviews out there. You’ll be surprised to know that many of these so-called reviews are in fact marketing agencies in disguise. They exist to plug products to you, whether you realize it or not. Some are not so subtle but some are quite adept at brainwashing you without you even realizing it. They do so by simply praising one handset and bashing another competitor’s handset. These are tell-tale signs that you need to stay away from such a review.

There are many different cell phone reviews which manage to get it right. These are reviews that detail all the aspects in an unbiased and critical manner. Such reviews tend to call a spade a spade. Hence, although they might highlight the fantastic screen and the snappy processor, if they have to, they will be critical of the bulky handset or the bloaty user interface.

Each aspect, even facets like the battery and the front camera should be mentioned and described in detail. This is of course in an ideal situation. Several users and commenters will often complain of conditions where the review will be bashed, even if the reviewer has done his best to be completely unbiased. This is because commenters are often themselves biased towards a certain handset or brand. In such cases, the reviewer must do his best to stay unbiased and focused at the job at hand, while ignoring the haters loading up the comments section of his review.

So, these were the pointers that help make a review a great one. The review must always be unbiased and complete. Not to mention, it must always be factual and peppered with as less of opinions as possible. Every website strives to ensure that reviews are as comprehensive and factual as possible and although some amount of bias and opinion will inevitably creep in, efforts are always made to keep this to a minimum. Thus, in the end, always try to look out for these pointers, so that you can ensure that your source of reviews is the most apt one possible.


Cell Phone Review – The AT & T Tilt

The AT & T Tilt phone is an awesome cell phone for a small business person or executive. Even soccer Moms love it. Why you ask? Well, because the AT & T Tilt phone allows you to synchronize with your Outlook or other contact manager program. Meaning whenever someone calls that matches any of the phone numbers in your data base, their name appears on the screen. You can also go to your data base and call any number there, by highlighting and pressing send.

The AT & T Tilt phone also has multiple ring tones so that you know by the tone who is calling, the phone also has just about every feature that all the other top phones have too. The cost is around $ 400 which makes it an excellent value, and since the phone can use Windows CE, you are able to send and receive emails too. The Tilt has a key board and if your fingers are too big there is a nifty little pick for the touch screen and also for the key pad.

The phone also helps you as you type to allow you to complete words that are most probable as you go. The battery does not last as long as I had hoped for, but that is about the only drawback I can think of. The battery is sufficient, however, you will find that the phone is so versatile and that you use it so much, the battery looks to not last long. It does, but it sometimes does not seem like it. The feature I love best is the GPS like navigation, as the telephone tells you where you are, anytime you need to know and it connects to the internet to use Google Maps too. I like the AT & T Tilt and I think you will too.


The Feature Rich Nokia N-Series Handsets

Since their launch, the N series phones have created quite a uproar in the world with their innovative features and some very amazing design options. The overall connectivity remains supreme in every part of the world. The Nokia handsets are not just unique but there are features that can only be found in the sets of Nokia.

The Nokia handsets are not just meant for communication purposes; there are also other options as well. One can speak about the camera, music, and business applications, available in many models from this brand. The gadgets in the N series, for instance, have been updated with the best of functionalities and are made handy for the use of the different categories of users. In Nokia handsets, one finds the easy way of dealing with things. One can use the integrated imaging options to capture very sharp pictures at the best resolutions possible.

The camera power in Nokia N mobiles can extend from 2 MP to up to 5 MP. The users can use these options to record videos and that too for long durations. The memory of many of these gadgets can support up to 5 hrs of video recording. These mobiles are empowered with the ARM 11 332 MHz processors. Moreover, due to the presence of good WAP browsers, many of the devices can be used for surfing, downloading and opening files at a very high speed.

A majority of the nokia n series mobiles are given a slide open design although there are a few that have a flip open or the normal design. The dimensions attributed to the N-series mobiles make them very compact. The connectivity of these handsets are exalted with options such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port. These options are very required for transferring of files wirelessly or by making use of wired cables.

The extra card slot would allow the user to add extra memory to many of these devices. Thus it becomes possible to store data that is received via Bluetooth or other connectivity options. The immense memory support of the handsets give a cutting-edge to the users; they are able to store images, videos and ringtones that ideally require a huge memory space. The N-series devices have batteries that give long hours of standby time and talktime and then it is now possible to make long duration calls without any trouble.


Tips on a 9v Adapter

An adapter is a physical device that converges the attributes of a first system of devices or simple device, to those of another incompatibility device or system of devices. Some adapters may only affect physical attributes of electronic devices. If you want to make an electrical device function, you have to direct electricity into it. Then, you have to keep it there until you do not want to use it anymore. A Power station sends an alternating current through the power lines. This way is the easiest you can do to send energy to an apartment, a home or office building.

These devices mostly use direct current. You can also use a 9v adapter when traveling. This small adapter is assuming that you are traveling to a country that has the same voltage as your country. A transformer is a device that is responsible for changing the voltage that comes out of an outlet. A 9v adapter is also a sort of transformer. However this adapter changes the direction of electricity in which it flows back and forth through a wire, and not the amount.

A 9v adapter is also one of the most useful tools for a guitar and is also ideal for supplying power to laptops, hard drives, CD players or portable DVD players. When your batteries run out of power, turn to the 9V adapter to continue playing or to continue your work.

Another thing that you can do with an adapter is that you can make it be wireless. That means you do not need to plug it into the wall. Then you can use the wireless adapter for a Xbox 360.

What to do and what not to do when it comes to a 9v adapter:

In order to prevent the adapter to direct exposure to moisture or sunlight, it's best to avoid leaving it outdoors or in harsh environments. Exposure will accelerate the aging and eventually leading to an internal short-circuit that will cause it to burn. It's best that you unplug the 9v adapter when you're not using it.

Remember! Do not use a 9v adapter on smaller volt equipment! It will burn out the piece of equipment it's attached to.

It can also be used for calibrate different electrical equipments and for charging different batteries.

So, if you're an engineer or you just like to play a lot with electronic equipment, you really need a 9v adapter. Its place is in every household and can be used for any electronic device imaginable. You never know when you're going to need it, so why not just get it and enjoy its wonderful features.

After all, every home is getting more modern by the year.

Today's market has hundreds of adapters, but the 9v adapter is a must-have in every home because of its multiple ways to use it. When traveling, when playing, with charging equipment, or all other electrical equipment that can be found in a modern house.