DC To AC Converter Safety

In the typical home, there are a great many appliances and electronics that we plug into the outlet, never giving much thought to where the electricity to run them comes from. This is fine, though, as the local power company is taking care of things so we do not have to. When you are out on the road, however, on a camping trip or even simply plugging the cell phone or GPS into the cigarette lighter to recharge, a dc to ac converter is required and one must pay attention to specific details to ensure the safe and proper use of obtaining the needed power.

Starting with the basics, DC (direct current) power is generated from things such as fuel cells, batteries or solar panels. AC (Alternating current) power is typically used to run your computer or television, basically everything electrical in your home. This is why the dc to ac converter is so important: it allows us the freedom to be outside of our homes but still be attached to the gadgets and devices we love. It provides a portable power source.

A dc to ac converter also provides increased power. Think of dc power as a reliably straight line. There are little changes in that line, meaning that a direct current supplies a constant, low voltage amount of power. Unfortunately, this is not usually enough electricity to operate an appliance.

Now, envision ac power as a wavy line. The peaks and valley offer a varied amount of voltage (usually a higher amount) at any given time, since the term alternating current. Using a transformer can also boost the voltage to an even higher level.

There are many different dc to ac converters available for purchase, either on the internet or most local automotive stores. Choosing the right one is important so that you do not end up blowing a circuit or worse yet, ruining your battery and / or appliance. Take into account the tips listed below when purchasing a dc to ac converter.

The first consideration should be voltage. If you have a 12-volt battery (the most commonly used external power source), you are going to want a 12-volt dc to ac converter. This is pretty logical, of course. Be aware though that this is important! Trying to pass too much voltage through a converter not specified for it can cause an electrical fire.

Next you should consider the amount of wattage the appliance you want to power uses. This can typically be found on the appliance itself or in the manual that the appliance came with. You must make sure that the wattage created by the converter exceeds the amount you will be using. The reason for "exceeding wattage" is because many appliances create a power surge (more power than what is actually needed to operate the appliance) when they are first turned on.

There are other things to take into account when using a converter, although the two listed are probably most important. If you need further assistance, it may be helpful to ask a salesperson when you are making a purchase. Be sure to read all instructions before plugging in any appliance.


Nokia E65 – A Stylish Way To Work

Nokia's E series mobile phones have always been dubbed as enterprise solutions aimed at business users and professionals. Therefore, more than its designing aspects or its positioning, the company has embarked on the handset's functionality. As report has it, Microsoft Office documents editing software kit embedded in Eseries features notably better than Microsoft's very own applications for Windows Mobile. The Nokia E65 – a member of this family of business phone brings in the much needed style quotient to the other serious looking E series mobile phones.

The Nokia E65 is a slider that belongs to the 'slim is in' category, being one of Nokia's smallest sliders. This S60 platform based, Symbian OS v9.1 operated smartphone is available in flsy red and a more sober mocca solution. A large, TFT based QVGA display dominate the front fascia of this slider. The screen is capable of producing an astounding 16 million different hues across 240×320 pixels. Silver shaded keypads enhances the appeal further. A set of spaced out numeric keys and a 5D navigational button makes it very easy to use the Nokia E65 .

The handset's face lift has no way affected the level of functionality that an E series mobile phone is expected to exhibit. The Nokia E65 is loaded with all possible tools and technologies to aid businessmen and professionals, optimize their capabilities. From the most 'basic' feature like integrated hands free to high end connectivity options like WiFi and VoIP over WLAN find their place in the feature list. The Nokia E65 boasts of a full fledged Office Application and an already enhanced PIM that includes calender, to do list and printing. Its Push to Talk feature allows its user to use the mobile phone just like a walkie talkie over a cellular network.

The handset's almost unending feature list includes 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, a 2.0 megapixel camera and a Symbian media player.


iPad Music Production

Making music with the iPad is undecidedly going to be a fun experience. It has all the ingredients to a successful music platform, but there are of course a few caveats that you should be aware of.

Let's jump right into it, then. Will the iPad get any of the major music production sweets ported over to it? That would be the best possible thing us beat makers and producers want to hear, is not it? Propellerheads, who make Reason (the hugely successful Mac / PC music platform), have left the door wide open for a Reason-like program on the iPad. Controller applications are certainly inevitable for Apple's latest offering, and Novation and Steinberg have already developed applications for the iPhone and iPod touch so you can control your computer's programs – to move faders and twist knobs and so on – but no full-fledged software has made its way onto these mobile devices yet.

Some portable beat maker applications show the fragility of the iPhone, draining battery life quickly and not being very user friendly; the ones that are easy to use are ridiculously limited. There must be a compromise, but with the iPad coming out, chances are that the larger screen and improved processing will allow for more generous offerings.

It is still unclear exactly how suitable it is for music production. Music makers are accredited to using their fingers and hands to create and compose their tunes obviously, and without tactile response it is going to be tough to really feel the music you're putting in.

Nobody has yet seen the device in action and so it is very hard to estimate how comfortable it will be to use it in music production. Another fear for Apple and consumers alike is drum pads and musical keyboard on the screen being hit too hard and there before damaging the sensitivity and the screen's appearance itself; even cracks could be on the horizon! If you really get into the music hard, it would be recommended to skip the iPad if it ends up having products like this adorn the Apple Store.

Another reason that the music may be limited is that for longer sessions that creative, hard-working musicians will be used to, sweaty or moist fingers do become an issue. Even the slightest moisture will prevent accurate screen tracking. Live performance use is also on the cards if the device delivers in a controlled environment after it has been tested and reviewed extensively. Until then, this is all speculation. What can you do in the meanime? Brush up on your musical knowledge and techniques so that when the new device's capabilities have been determined, you can attack at full flight and make some great music on the go.


The Samsung Galaxy S Featuring Bluetooth 3.0

The new Samsung Galaxy S is every inch the perfect smartphone. Running on the excellent Android 2.1 operating system, the phone will win many plaudits thanks to its excellent quality screen.

Due to its very large display, the Samsung Galaxy S does measure up slightly larger than some of its counterparts, which is to be expected. The height and width measurments are 122.4 x 64.2mm. Despite these being a touch on the large size, the overall aesthetics are assisted by the fact that the handsets is actually one of the slimmest available at just 9.9mm. The screen itself uses the latest the latest Super AMOLED technology to not only help achieve the ultra slim profile, but also to give color reproduction a richness rarely found on mobile devices, thanks to the lack of a backlight. This also helps the screen produce wider viewing angles. Super AMOLED combines the two layers that are found on other devices into a single sheet, reducing depth and giving better results. The phone weighs just 121 grammes, which is surprisingly lightweight for such a high specification model, however this is due to the large amount of lightweight plastic used in its construction. The actual design of the phone is very simple, rather similar to Apples iPhone. Physical buttons are kept to a minimum, and the screen dominates the front of the handset. The rear panel houses the phones camera facility and is finished with numerous black dots which breaks up the black plastic finish quite nicely.

The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S is perhaps a little less than you may expect, with the massive screen placing a huge drain on resources, however you can expect between 1.5 and 2 days with normal usage. This will not seem to much of a problem to many people, with most phones being charged up routinely on a daily basis. The actual call quality on the phone is very high, voices are full without the tinniness found on many models. If you like to use your phone in conjunction with a wireless headset, the Galaxy S boasts the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Where this differs from the widely available 2.1 is in the data transfer speed department, so the sending of files using this format is greatly improved. With modern phones being used as much for SMS text messaging as making calls, Samsungs Swype text input method makes the process a much quicker affair. Using an ingenious text recognition system, rather than individually pressing each character you require, you can just move your finger across the screen and the phone prefixes the word required. It is easy to be skeptical of this method, but in tests the phone was correct 95% of the time.

The Samsung Galaxy S really does excel in all departments, but especially with regards to its great screen and superb user friendliness. The phone rightly deserves to be competing with the very best smartphones currently available.


Dewalt 718 Miter Chop Saw Review

The Dewalt 718 is one of the superb range of miter saws that the company manufactures. I have used the dewalt 718 and its forerunners for about 20 years and find it ideal for all sorts of cutting jobs in my workshop. The first one I bought in 1989 was used daily for 10 years in a busy commercial setting making around 50 – 100 cuts per day. It was stolen from my workshop which meant that work had to stop while we got a replacement. One week later the new one arrived with a number of improvements over the old one.

Constant Product Improvements On Dewalt Miter Saws

The improvements included the fantastic guarding system that covers the blade. As you make a cut the guard reveals just enough of the blade to make the cut without exposing the operator to the saw blade. Another development was the addition of quick clamps to hold your work in place while you make the cut.

We do not always use these clamps but they are very solid. Just can clamp and unclamp your work in about 5 seconds using the ratchet system inherent in the 2 clamps. As many of the profiles we cut are non square we use jigs with the clamps to hold the work securely.

Occasionally my second Dewalt 718 stopped working. We had run it into the ground over 11 years and the motor bearings were beginning to wear out. Dewalt did offer to change the motor but I decided to buy a brand new one.

New Features On The Latest Dewalt 718 Miter Saw

We have now had the latest version of the DW718 for about 6 months. Again there is the guarding system which has been further improved. The clamp system is the same. The best new feature is the laser cutting guide. It shines directly onto your work and the beam is the exact width of the blade. So you can see both sides of the cut.

This is critical when you are working to very tight tolerances. If A piece of Aluminum has to be 1789mm then the laser beam allows me to hit that measurement exactly.

The other main improvement is the start up speed of the blade. It quickly gets to full speed when you press the on switch. About half the time of the previous model. There is also a brake on the blade which means that it stops turning very quickly. You no longer feel you are waiting for the blade to stop. It just starts and stops very fast.

Most of my work is with aluminum and wood. These need completely different Dewalt saw blades. You can not use a wood saw blade on aluminum without causing damage to the blade. You will also find the work catches in the blade which is quite dangerous. An aluminum saw blade will cut wood but the teeth will go blunt much quicker. This is particularly true for cutting laminates and chipboard.


LG Parades Its Designer Collection

There is a new trend coming up that promises to engulf more than just clothes and accessories within the designer segment. The threat is an imminent one, but pleasant nonetheless. South Korean mobile phone manufacturer LG has capitalized on this popularity of designer products by launching its own range of designer mobile phones to target the trend following people. These designer mobile phones from LG leave no stones unturned to provide users with both style and utility.

LG has always been in the limelight courtesy of a healthy proliferation of innovative mobile phones in the market from time to time. More than anything, the unique packaging and sturdy designs of LG phones are the prime assets. Moving on those lines, LG Prada and LG Shine are two of the most attractive mobile phones to have been introduced by the manufacturer. These two phones exude style and magnificence in every way known to a mobile phone user. Sashaying through the endless crowd of new generation mobile phones portraying both style and substance, the LG Prada and the LG Shine epitomise the best in reflective fashion. The stunningly beautiful appearance of these phones are enough to captivate the hearts of the trendiest of onlookers. Wrapped in a satin black smooth casing, the LG Prada has a 3 Inch TFT touch sensor screen that provides a swooning aura to the phone's elegance. The LG Shine, on its part has a mirror effect 2.2 Inch TFT screen or embedded within its stainless steel body that presents a hitherto witnessed style statement. Besides the distinctive designer factor that these phones pack, utility enriched packaging is also another proud asset.

LG has definitely made a positive impact in the mobile phone industry with the introduction of these revolutionary phones. With changing times and a progressive technology, there is no end to the kind of magic that the manufacturer can weave in the future days to arrive.


No Cell Phones Allowed in a Kelty Tent!

Some things do not mix in the high country. Cell phones and Kelty tents. When your at six or seven thousand feet up the last thing you want to hear is the cell phone. No text messages about traffic or how last nights date went with your friend. Just the peace and quiet of the high country. You can take the time to breath in the cool clean air. Feel the tension role out of you. The day is ending and the only fight was with the trout you just had for supper. You let out a contented sigh as the fire waves the air with it soft red glow. Perfect for the last smore. You think about reading that book but do not want to take the effort to turn on the lantern. So you sit and enjoy the sight of that someone special roasting the marshmallow.

Some clouds look like they might role in. No worries, your Kelty tent only took a few minutes to set up and the hardest thing was setting the stakes. Light weight and durable it made a good addition to the rest of your camping gear. Vented in the right places to let the cool in with two windows available to allow the extra breeze, yet simple enough to button up for the high mountain rain. Easy access and enough room make it simple to put your gear inside in case the weather does change. Places have been incorporated in the construction to hang up items getting them up off the floor. The optional mat helps you keep your tent clean.

The clouds float on by as the stars are out and the full moon breaks over the rim to give you enough light to read a few chapters. Your wife snuggles up and gives you a sticky kiss with the taste of marshmallow and chocolate. As she sighs the rest of the hassles of town slip away. Falling sleep by the fire it is finally time to turn in, whether early or late it does not matter because the watches were left on the counter next to the cell phones. Slipping into your Kelty tent the night ends in the peace of the high country.


LED Strip Lighting for Vehicles

Homeowners and business owners have recognized the many advantages of installing LED strip lights to their homes or establishments. Aside from the standard usage in spaces and rooms, lighting strips can be the perfect accessory for lighting a car. Twelve volt LED strips would be the best choice for this. Many car batteries, excluding those of diesel auto batteries, run at twelve volts. Therefore these strip lights can be attached to the battery of the car directly and then powered in this manner. When the car engine is started the LED lights obtain the energy straight from the car's battery supply. This means that there is no need for a power source that is independent. These LED ribbons also happen to have a power requirement that is much lower than car batteries do not have to suffer from its usage and either does your tank of fuel or your wallet.

These strip lights are a few of the most broadly versatile lighting systems available. Their compact and flexible designs make them ideal for lighting an automotive, particularly since the light to be used needs to be discrete and able to fit various contours.

Underlighting Cars
The usual application for LED strips on an automobile is for underlighting. This is attained by using single LED strips that run parallel to the edge and underside of car's chassis. The LED strips have a linear shape that makes them ideal for this type of lighting purpose and the output is amazing. Regardless if you opt for color changing, cool, or warm light LED, it is guaranteed to cause amazement to others on the road. The effect of underlighting produces a distance perception between the car and the road so adding more clarity to the car. A smart move would always be to check the IP rating of the LED lights before making a purchase. The rating will help users determine if the strip lights are water proofed and if they are capable to withstand various external conditions. A sufficient rating should be around IP65 for the aforementioned use but it is always best to check with the retailer as well.

Interior Functions
Not only is the strip lighting perfect for the exterior of a vehicle they work just as excellently in the interiors. Border lighting, seat edge lighting, footwell, or dashboard lighting and roof lighting are just some of its interior uses. Moreover, strip LED lights are best for both practical and aesthetic utilization. Just make sure to have the lights off while the car is in motion because it can impede on the driver's visibility especially at night.

Attaching the strips of light to the battery can be achieved by simply connecting the two core cable lengths to their corresponding sections on the car's battery. The minute the car is started, these fittings should instantly light up and produce an amazing lighting style that can make any vehicle stand out. The best part about LED is that it is generally safe to use. it does not heat up therefore it is not a fire hazard. It does not contain any harmful components liker mercury so users as well as the environment is free from harm.


Motorola ic902 Review – A Review of the Motorola ic902 Cell Phone

The Motorola ic902 cellular phone offers sleek, stylish design in flip phone form. The unit is dressed in deep black and weighs 4.76 ounces. The ic920 runs on a iDEN 800 (Tx: 806-825 MHz – Rx: 851-870 MHz) frequency and has a iDEN 800 / CDMA 1900 Network. The high performance battery promises up to approximately 147 hours of standby time and up to approximately 210 minutes of talk time.

Productivity and lifestyle features with this mobile phone are generous. They include multi-language support, quick flip button and a handy speakerphone. In addition the Motorola ic920 boasts internal and external color displays and cycling wallpapers for aesthetically pleasing details.

The Motorola ic920 is ideal for people on the go. The unit offers cutting edge AgION Antimicrobial Technology2. Bluetooth stereo wireless technology is integrated into the system and the media system offers the latest in mobile multimedia communications.

There are plenty personalization tools available in the ic902. Users can choose from several download options including MIDI and MP3 ring tones, screensavers, WAV files as well as downloadable Java technology enabled applications. The unit can be further personalized with the customizable main menu order and customizable navigation keys and profiles.

Messaging features include multimedia messaging services (MMS), mobile originated short messaging services (MO-SMS) and two-way text messaging. T9 predicted text allows for lightning-fast entries. Voice, Next and text message alerts decrease the probability of missed correspondences.

The Motorola ic902 comes equipped with Openwave 7.02 Internet browser, a wireless modem and mini-USB connectivity. The 2.0 MP camera, video camcorder, music player with stereo speakers are fun features that are certain to entertain. Sprint Power Vision is enabled and users enjoy the benefits of access Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel Walkie-Talkie Network both in one compact flip phone.

Add the integrated assisted GPS navigation to this seemingly infinite list of features for this mobile multimedia communication device. The Motorola ic902 cell phone handset is a well-stocked piece of equipment that offers a lot in a small package.


How to Use an Electric Razor

Electric razors have been the latest trend in men's grooming. Shaving facial hair has been a daily ritual for a lot of men and this ritual has been around for ages. In a fast paced world, having an electric razor cuts your shaving time so you can do more with the extra time you have in the mornings.

Electric razors have two types: the foil and rotary type. The foil razor has one to two heads that has oscillating blades underneath a perforated screen. This type is usually more effective on short and softer hair. The other type, the rotary razor, has three to four heads that have rotating blades under a screen. This type trims hairs that are course, thick and long. Getting the right type of shaver for your type of face and skin is essential for getting the right shave that you desire.

How to shave using an electric razor

• Bath or shower in warm water before shaving with an electric razor. Warm water makes your skin open up its pores and at the same time is also softens the face's hair follicles. Remember to dry off your skin completely before shaving. To speed up the drying process, use a bit of talcum powder on your face.

• Although you will not need shaving cream or shaving soap for shaving with an electric shaver, you will need an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion. This is optional but if you really want better results, then this you must have. This lotion removes excess oil in your face and makes you hair stand out for easier trimming.

• As compared to working with a normal disposable razor, using an electric shaver gives you the chance to shave against your hair grain. Just make sure to avoid going over the same spot again to avoid razor burn. Use one hand to stretch the skin smooth while the other hand shaves.

• After shaving, rinse your face will cool water to close up the open pores. You may also want to put on alcohol-based aftershave. If you have dry skin, you may use moisturizer instead. The skin needs about two to three weeks to adapt to the use of an electric razor. Since these gadgets remove hair differently from non-electric razors, give a little leeway before expecting great results.

• Maintaining your electric razor clean and I good shape will help extend its life and use. Most electric shavers have a removable head or screen that allows you to clean inside for trimmed hair. Some even have their own brush for cleaning. Make sure to read the manual before rinsing it in water. Regularly replacing the blades will also help you lengthen its service but will also assure a great shave after every use.